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Growing up in an unbalanced home, Essence, like most young girls, struggles to identify with the one who stares back at her in the mirror. She not only competes with what the world defines beauty to be but also with whom she now believes she is because of the lack of relationship with her father.


As Essence staggers through life desperate to heal the wounds of her father’s absence, the question “Who am I” is a pervasive, discomforting companion. 


Eventually, Essence finds comfort in the arms of Sinclair, a mouth-watering city boy who oddly reminds her of her father. She falls hard only to realize he cannot compensate for the extensive damage that lies within her. 


As Essence explores different aspects of fulfillment and falls for fleeting counterfeits along the way, her sense of self-worth is distorted by the moment. Despite engulfing trauma and ascending pain, Essence fights to journey through a challenging life as a fatherless daughter, only to come to an unforeseen awareness that she’s not fatherless at all.


Will Essence choose to live life as a victim or an overcomer?


About The Author


Meet Ellaina Mone't

Founder and CEO of Fearless Publishing House, an influencer, speaker and a successful entrepreneur who is a passionate believer of Christ, a devoted wife, and mother. 


As an aspiring novelist, her zeal to write began as a young girl, leading her to local platforms throughout her teenage years as a poetic voice. From there, Ellaina was compelled to release her debut memoir, Because I Never Knew My Father, at the age of thirty with the strong desire to inspire women across the world.


Her dream is to encourage women to reach inner wholeness by her story of overcoming. Her motto is anyone can be whom he or she chooses to become despite his or her journey. Her compassion and drive for others are what have impelled her to write future novels.


She resides in Cincinnati, Ohio with her loving husband, Derick, and their two beautiful children.

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What People Say

This book has created a platform for others to be transparent about their past; it creates a platform for others to know you are not the only one. The conclusion is there is a purpose for every human being on the earth. BRAVO to the author for her boldness and her desire to see others free. This is a bestseller for sure!


This is a riveting read! You will not be able to come up out of the pages easily. It’s an amazing book of non-fictional writing that forces you to dig deep. It focuses on life revelations that will impact you from here on out; it'll be life-changing. The characters connect you to real life experiences.


 This powerful memoir is captivating from beginning to end. It is very well a story that many women can relate to. I found myself revisiting old wounds that I thought were healed as I read it. This book speaks to the young, insecure girl residing in each and every woman. This amazing novel is at the top of our list! 

-B.B. Book Club

Restoration and healing

Engrossing and compelling

Best seller

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